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This first step is critical to the process.  You can see what similar homes sell for in your market.  Many factors determine a home’s value including its location, condition, age, recent updates, features and comparable sales in the neighborhood. I am an expert in finding the true value of your property.


I am a connoisseur of the art of maximizing the equity of your home. I’ll advise you on any improvements, home repairs or even professional staging that best prepare your home to return its maximum value. I know how to present your home so it will sell quickly and at the right price.


Once your home is ready, I'll custom design a plan to attract the right buyers whenever and wherever they are.


Once you receive an offer or multiple offers, I will employ smart strategies based on real experience. I am skilled at negotiating the strongest offer so that you not only score the best price but also the best terms and conditions on your sale.


I make sure your selling experience is seamless and convenient. Once your home goes under contract, I will keep you updated on each step of the transaction from home inspection to purchase and sale, mortgage approval (if applicable) and everything else in between. You’ll stay well informed all the way to closing day.

Questions about Selling? Contact Me Today!


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